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Nortel M Series Gray Handset NT0C09EL93


Nortel M Series Gray Handset

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Nortel M Series Gray Handset


$16.50  USD

Replacement Gray handsets for Nortel, Meridian, Norstar,
BCM and IP phones.
Nortel Norstar Meridian M Series Gray handset.
This handset fits Nortel, Meridian, Norstar,
some of the products these handsets fit are;


M7324 NT8B40
M7310 NT8B20
M7208 NT8B30
M7100 NT8B14


M2616 NT9K16
M2008 NT9K08
M2006 NT9K05
M2009 NT1F05
M2018 NT1F07
M2112 NT1F06
M2317 NT1F21

P-Phone M5000 Series

M5008 NT4X40
M5208 NT4X41
M5316 NT4X42
M5216 NT4X44
M5009 NT4X35
M5209 NT4X39
M5312 NT4X37
M5112 NT4X31
M5212 NT4X39

M8000 M9000

M8417 NT2N32 M9316 NT2N31
M8314 NT2N30 M9516 NT2N42
M8009 NT2N24 M9417 NT2N36
M9216 NT2N33

Condition: New

Nortel phone system . .